The Prince of Camelot

John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. Cecil Stoughton, White House, 11 July 1963

As the Cold War peaked in the 1960s, the charismatic president John F Kennedy led America amidst escalating tensions in Vietnam and Cuba. His presidency was cut short when he was assassinated, yet he ranks highly among all presidents.

The President’s Faith

President Reagan addresses the Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas, 23-Aug-1984.

Ronald Reagan believed politics, morality and religion are inseparable. His Christian upbringing carried on to his Presidentship where he strove for a tolerant society, encouraging all religions.

Actor turned President

President Ronald Reagan addresses party-goers assembled in the Rotunda of the National Museum of Natural History's at the Inaugural Ball in January 1981

During his heyday, Ronald Reagan was the emblem for the effort to restore American conservative values, and propagate and integrate these ideals in the constitution through aggressive lawmaking. A cool head on steady shoulders, he survived an assassination attempt and led the country through a period of great turmoil.

Fighting the Spoils System

T.R's Declaration of Independence - Theodore Roosevelt as the new President seeks to enforce the civil service rules in federal hiring practices, 6-Nov-1901

As Civil Service Commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt cracked into the prevailing corrupt spoils system. Aided by the Pendleton Act, he fought fearlessly to uphold the practice of appointment on merit.

Gritty President

President Theodore Roosevelt delivering a speech in Bellows Falls, Vermont, 1 Sep 1902

Theodore Roosevelt led America by the mantra, “The life that is worth living, and the only life that is worth living, is the life of effort, the life of effort to attain what is worth striving for.”